My approach to psychotherapy is deeply rooted in feminist and structural analyses that contextualize individual “problems” in our social environments. I practice from a strengths-based perspective, challenging clients to connect with their authentic selves and to enhance empowered coping skills.

My therapeutic orientation is comprised of an eclectic mix of theoretical models that guide my work, including emotion focused therapy, psychodynamic therapy, and cognitive behavioural therapy. While I don’t practice exclusively from one perspective, I believe that it is my role to be constantly assessing whether or not the work we are doing appears to be helping you to achieve your therapeutic goals.

My areas of specialty include trauma, addiction, domestic and/or (childhood) sexual violence, grief, depression, sexuality, and family of origin issues. I am also deeply committed to working with members of the LGBTTTIQQ community around issues of coming out, gender identity, heterosexism and internalized homophobia, relationship issues, familial difficulties, and HIV/AIDS related grief and loss.

I hold a Masters degree in Social Work and have been practicing in the field for over fifteen years.